Thank you very much for the time you spent with me as well as the insight you
were able to convey from the Records…. Much love, light and peace to you as
you continue in your valuable work….

--S.E., Chicago, Illinois

“I want to thank you for your wonderful reading. It was enlightening. I did end up
telling J….. all about it and gave him the [suggested] prayer to use. He was very
receptive! Miracles never cease!”

--L.L., New York, New York

“I just hung up the phone with you and can’t thank you enough for your valued
information, wonderful guidance, and beautiful friendship! You are truly a gift
and I hold all treasures received close to my heart.”

D.B., Miami, Florida

“Thank you for all of your wonderful help. Understanding the “why’s” certainly
make living it easier for me. And it will help me make future decisions.”

R.M.S., Charleston, South Carolina

“…very positive. I had help in viewing a fresh perspective.”

P.M., Chicago, Illinois

“I am very grateful to Roni Reisler for all the help and kindness, knowledge and
devotion to bring me back on track of the right path.”

A.K., Lake Forest, Illinois

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